The Soil Keepers

The Soil Keepers Community Training Program offers hands-on, certificate-granting soil courses as well as support with community engagement and consulting services for individuals, organizations, and communities with projects of various scales.

Certification Courses
  1. Introduction
    Community Soil Science
  2. Unit 1
    Body of Soil: Soil Geology
  3. Unit 2
    Life of Soil: Soil Biology
  4. Unit 3
    Chemistry of Soil: Soil Chemistry
  5. Unit 4
    Remediation & Capstone Project

In general we offer courses in late Winter/early Spring and Fall. Please visit our Eventbrite︎︎︎ to see if any courses are coming up.

Community Engagement
  • Is your restoration project community-led or a civic brownfield project? Our signature program catalyzes community engagement with outreach, education, and strategic partnerships through workshops and trainings based on The Soil Keepers framework. 
  • Modified from our more comprehensive certification units, these trainings focus on the needs of the site and build the capacities and networks of the community. 

Projects with clients involving The Soil Keepers workshops and curriculum include Amisacho Restauración, Archeworks, Comer Youth FarmSoutheast Environmental Task Force, and Stein Learning Garden.

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