The Huntington Library, Art Museum & Botanical Gardens

︎ Location San Marino, CA
︎ Timespan 2014–2016
︎ Client Businesses & Institutions

  • Seeking programming for experimental acreage dedicated to climate-adaptive strategies.
Response 1
Designed, wrote and facilitated an Urban Agroecology Intensive:
  • Led month-long intensive and other workshops over the course of three years;
  • Educated participants on principles and practices of ecosystem-based gardening that are further explored with many hands-on half-day workshops.
Led supplementary Skill Building Workshops including:
  • Pruning Fundamentals
  • Propagation Techniques
  • Soil Biology
  • Advanced Composting Techniques
  • Compost Teas and Extracts
  • Wild Plant I.D.
  • Community Bioremediation

Response 2
  • Facilitated a multi-day Deep Mapping intensive including place-based reading and discussion, and guided on-site, group socio-ecological mapping.

Photography Kyra Saegusa

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