Biochar is a versatile, soil ammendment made from carbonaceous waste material. It has numerous applications in regeneration and remediation of soils in landscape and ecosystems, in benefiting horticultural and agricultural production and in water filtration.

  • Char making is low-smoke, utilizing either a closed retort or an open kiln.
  • Innoculation of char with biology makes it Biochar. Innoculation selection is dialed into needs of site.
  • Application strategies are varied and are context specific.

If you’re interested in learning more about the production, Innoculation and Applications of Biochar, our workshop series can be tailored to your specific site’s conditions.

Projects with clients involving Biochar consultations and workshops include Amisacho Restauración, Angel City Lumber, Black OaksCornell UniversityFair-y Circles, Great Plains Zen Center and Metabolic Studio.

Photography Anna Ialeggio, Amisacho Restauración, Ricardo DeAratanha, Social Ecologies 

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