Arlington Garden in Pasadena

︎ Location Pasadena, CA
︎ Timespan 2019–ongoing
︎ Client Businesses & Institutions

Situation 1
  • Orange tree grove suffering from several years of extreme drought followed by heavy rains.
Response 1
  • Reviewed older soil tests and tree treatments from other companies, and made new test recommendations;
  • Conducted soil composition and microscopy on soil samples from both areas of ill health;
  • Reviewed current practices with garden staff and introduced considerations to change practices;
  • Provided recommendations on amendments and next steps;
  • Workshopped findings with staff to build knowledge internally.

Situation 2
  • Need for staff development and internal culture-building between board and staff.
Response 2
  • Facilitated a 3-day Deep Mapping intensive including place-based reading and discussion, and guided on-site, group socioecological mapping (soil, plant, fungi, animal, human) of three local ecosystems;
  • Ongoing mentorship on development of publication series based on Deep Mapping investigations.

Photography Arlington Garden in Pasadena, Isabel Avila, Social Ecologies

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