We’ve worked with many different groups and communities over the years to help build and maintain healthy habitats. Take a peek below to see who we’ve worked with and how we’ve helped.

Private Client Northwest IL

Need: Developing a 600-acre working farm using agroecological and land restoration principles.

Solution: Development of a two-year plan to initiate and establish an integrated system of kitchen garden, greenhouse, forest orchard, nut groves, mushroom yards, honey bees and native plant production. Plan includes site selection and enhancement, trainings in plant and fungi propagation and cultivation methods, soil biology and beekeeping.

LVEJO Chicago, IL

Need: Reintegration of a local brownfield site into community use

Solution: On-site design and consultation on a plan to develop a cooperative native plant nursery, cooperative composting business, and community bioremediation training center.

The Whitney Museum – New York, NY

Need: alternative, contained sanitation for 10 day durational performance ‘Orbit’, part of the exhibition ‘Red In View’.

Solution: greywater and dry toilet system consultation.

Garfield Park Conservatory – Chicago, IL

Need: Higher level skill workshops in programs

Solution: Urban Agroecology Intensive, a self-contained theorhetical training similar to what we offer at The Huntington in CA. Intermediate-Advanced Compost training series. […]

Neighborspace – Chicago, IL

Need: Composting systems and trainings for local community groups

Solution: Hands-on training and building of systems and trouble shooting workshops. […]

Metabolic Studio – Los Angeles, CA

Need: Soil bioremediation plan for large industrial urban site

Solution: Identification and mapping of spontaneous vegetation on-site, qualitative soil assessment, selecting species and preparing tissues for lab testing, interpretation of soil and plant tissues […]

Qatar University – Doha, Qatar

Need: Grassroots perspective and action on topic of sustainable urbanism

Solution: ‘Soil to Soul’ hands-on public workshop and formal presentation at Sustainable Urbanism: New Directions symposium. […]

MACquinho + Morro de Palacio favela – Rio de Janiero, Brazil

Need: Self-supporting youth composting and food producing cooperative

Solution: phase I – training organizers in compost technologies and in building a larger scale compost system. phase II – further training of participants in composting, identifying and sourcing waste streams […]

Mashkiikii Gitigan – Minneapolis, MN

Need: urban garden impacted with contamination

Solution: community bioremedation training intensive for local residents and two bioreemdiative installations using native plants, cover crops, microbial rich compost and oyster mushrooms. […]

The Huntington Library and Gardens – San Marino, CA

Designed, wrote and currently am lead facilitator on their month long Urban Agroecology Intensive. The Urban Agroecology Intensive consists of two full days of principles and practices of ecosystem-based gardening that are further explored with many hands on half day […]

The Ground Rules

How we are being in a city is just as much biologically determined as it is socio-culturally determined. In this project, action is research and public participation is a tool to build broader audience discussion that can contribute to enacting new policy. […]

Archeworks – Chicago, IL

Need: Develop cross disciplinary educational opportunities for design professionals and others.

Solution 1: Developed ‘Elemental Mud’ workshops – SOILunit and WATERunit […]

Pixelache – Tampere, Finland

Co-op Camp 2012 Keynote on community-scale ecological system design and full day soil and composting workshop at Kurpitsatalo, Tampere, Finland

Soil Garden – Warsaw, Poland

The Soil Garden Project is a collaboration between Social Ecologies and PIXXE.ORG. Soil Garden cultivates soil from organic waste using bicycles to collect food scraps, coffee grounds, cardboard, and yard trimmings from bazaars, coffee shops, and residents in the Warsaw neighborhood of Ochota (Rakowiec and Szczęśliwice). The waste is brought to the PIXXE GARDEN on […]

City Repair/Village Building Convergence – Portland, OR

Need: Design and create community-driven greywater and soil solutions at four city sites.

Solution: Group conversation, design and execution of a constructed wetland to filter greywater, a mulch basin to feed laundrywater to fruit trees, a dark grey water system from a kitchen sink to a burgening foodforest (formally a driveway), […]

Pacific Garden Mission – Chicago, IL

Need: Design, program design, and program management of two 2500 square foot greenhouses and a training program for one of the largest social service agencies in Chicago. Creation of a new facility for a shelter that serves 200-300 permanent residents and up to 1,500 overnight guests on a yearly basis.

Solution: Worked with architects for two years in the social design of the greenhouses. […]

Institute of Cultural Affairs – Chicago, IL

Need: Development of an “Action Plan” of ecological waste systems for a large scale, multi-unit co-op building.

Solution: Coaching and consultation to help create an Action Plan and pulling together project partners. […]

Community Food Bank – Marana, AZ

Need: Large scale vermicomposting system to use for soil amendment and educational purposes for community farm/food assistance programs

Solution: Design and build out of large-scale vermiculture system. Training of compost educators and urban growers in utilization of system. […]

Owens Valley Growers – Lone Pine, CA

Need: Lack of healthy, nutrient-rich soil for growing to start first community garden

Solution: Consulted and trained locals on soil-building practices including vermiculture and local business greenwaste systems. This helped the beginning of an area growers association and discussions on local food security systems. […]

Give Love Haiti – Port Au Prince, Haiti

Need: Low energy, community-based systems of eco-sanitation in post-earthquake Haiti.

Solution: Provided consultation on initial discussions about rainwater catchment, earthworks and human waste composting systems for a camp of 3000 displaced people in Port Au Prince, Haiti. […]