Humble Pile


HUMBLE PILE is a project that invokes collective action on soil, food, and water issues. Consider that every gallon you flush takes a hundred gallons of water to reuse and come back through our pipes. Consider, also, that large doses of chemicals are used in […]


Zone 23


ZONE 23 is an intensive food/soil/ habitat production project, grounded in the food forest model. The food forest model is an intensive, layered approach to cultivating plants that focuses on growing plants with multiple functions in optimal[…]


Neighborhood Orchard


According to one well-known adage, necessity is the mother of invention. The NEIGHBORHOOD ORCHARD that we have cultivated in our Little Village neighborhood in Chicago is a quintessential example of necessity giving birth to inventive means of survival. What the adage doesn’t say is that necessity can also be the mother of conscious community-building, which is to say […]


Roof Meadow


ROOF MEADOW is a low-cost, hand-built, non-regulation, yet city-permitted “live roof,” also known as a “green roof.” Roof Meadow extends insect and human habitat to the roof via plants, a greenhouse and an outdoor sleeping structure. Roof Meadow is approximately[…]