Available Now – The Ground Rules: A Manual to Reconnect Soil and Soul

Written for any urban grower or inhabitant, The Ground Rules: A Manual to Reconnect Soil and Soul is both a document of The Ground Rules process and a guide to community composting and DIY soil remediation.

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Soil Systems

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By trialing these community-based, soil making research models in different cities, Social Ecologies hopes to reinvigorate the dialogue of the Urbanscape as habitat, healthy soil as an element of healthy infrastructure and ourselves as contributors and instigators towards more inspired action.

Social Systems

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Social Ecologies creates durational projects that aim to build healthy habitat and interaction through direct engagement of place with those who dwell there. Social Ecologies seeks to encourage holistic, systematic thinking through varying levels and degrees of project participation.

Water Systems

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Water systems are an essential part of a healthy habitat. Waters are everywhere before they are somewhere. Social Ecologies works to reestablish the health and balance of fluids in a city using small-scale systems that connect rain and graywater to people and landscape.